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Property protection

By introducing the latest security systems, to improve their employees' professional skills, ensuring public safety and property protection to satisfy the needs of JSC "Eksaras Security" offers security services to enterprises, businesses, supermarkets, shops, construction sites, car interior, private flats, garages and other objects.


"Eksaras Security" team has the necessary competence in the protection of sensitive items, such as:
- Night clubs;
- Playing House;
- Sporting events;
- And others.

The protection of those subjects are faced with extremely high demands. .


"Eksaras Security" staff - former and current anti-terrorist operations team "Aras" officers, and pays a professional fight without weapons. Their work is required to maintain good physical shape and cultivate alertness, reaction. Our team works in people, and once secured against its former joint statement to the police teikusiems criminals. There are graduates who can easily detect various explosives.


Suburiame gatherings of up to 50 teams. Store concerts, sporting events - there must be vigilance

Most effectively help to prevent the so-called hazard buttons. When you click a button to alarm immediately reach the house protecting the security guard company. Expensive and sophisticated alarm people usually introduced in-store, holding the luxury home values in art collections or large amounts of money. It protects the doors, windows and motion sensors installed inside.

"Eksaras Security"in the city of Kaunas offers the cheapest and most reliable radio control systems to be monitored by high-skill professional staff with many years of experience in this field. In addition to radio control systems for the safety of citizens and monitor the assets of the telephone system.


OOrganizing property and personal protection in carrying out crimes and other offenses prevention "Eksaras Security" is actively cooperating with the city police protection, and other companies working in this area. Our central location transfers signals responsive police crews with night-time urban areas are the most.


"Eksaras Security" also provides other services:
- Money collection;
- Cargo escort Lithuanian territory;
- Monitoring;
- Debt recovery and prevention;
- Intellectual protection;
- Business Partner security establishment;
- Search of explosive devices;
- Consult the security issues.